Personal Loan (Salary Advance)

This product is designed for salary earners and other professionals. The product is structured to meet the immediate cash needs of customers. The fund can be used to bridge financial gap that may occur without notice. This product has a tenor of up to 10 months repayment period and offers between N50,000 and N2M at 8%.

Requirements for Salary Advance

  • A suitable guarantor
  • 1 passport photograph (Each from client & Guarantor).
  • Copy of client employee ID Card.
  • Copy of Guarantor employee ID Card.
  • Loan request application letter.
  • Postdated NUBAN Cheques from client.
  • One blank undated NUBAN cheque from the Guarantor.
  • Last 6months salary current account statement (Stamped).
  • Duly completed loan application form.
  • Copy of letter of Employment or Confirmation of Employment.
  • Rent receipt.
  • Proof of Residence (PHCN, WATER BILL).



SME Loan (Business Loan)

This product is specially designed to address any financial gap that may arise from the day to day running of an existing business. The business must be organized and duly registered with an acceptable cash flow and financial records. This product has a tenor of up to 12 months repayment period and offers between N200,000 and N1M at 12%

Requirements for SME/Business Loan(12.5%)

  • 1 passport photograph
  • 1 means of identification (international passport, drivers license or national ID)
  • Last 6months statement of account
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Post-dated NUBAN Cheques from the client
  • A suitable guarantor who will provide the following:
    – Employment/Confirmation Letter
    – One undated NUBAN Cheque
    – Copy of Staff ID card
    – Filled guarantor form provided by instapro



  • A guarantor who is a staff of any commercial bank in Nigeria.
  • A guarantor who is a senior management staff of a blue chip (quoted) company.
  • A guarantor who is a senior civil servant from grade level 14 and above.


Car – Cab Lease (Cab Hire Purchase Scheme)

Instapro Lease is a car loan/ auto finance product specially designed for persons who want to own their own vehicle via the hire purchase method. This Car finance loan is presently empowering people to start up in business and become their own bosses. With just a token security deposit, you immediately take possession of any of our range of certified brand new (Tokunbo) vehicles of your choice for business use within the Lagos metropolis.

Requirements for Salary Advance

  • Age of Driver: (28 to 45) years old
  • Educational Qualification: Post-Secondary qualifications
  • Years of Driving Experience: Minimum of 5 years
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Class of Driver’s License: Class D
  • Knowledge of the Lagos Terrain
  • Cab Driving Experience: Added Advantage
  • Service Provider Pool Driver: Added Advantage
  • Knowledge of Traffic Laws
  • Provision of Security Deposit
  • Provision of Suitable Guarantor
  • Positive background Check: Applicable to Drivers and Guarantors (Must be positive)

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Invoice discounting is an alternative solution to traditional types of business finance, which provides you with instant access to cash tied up in your outstanding invoices. An invoice discounting facility adapts with your business as it changes and grows, making it much more flexible than an overdraft or loan.